June 2013

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  • Multitrack SNW

    MultiTrack™ SNW

    Multitrack SNW products offer excellent puncture resistance properties combined with high permeability, properties that provide engineers with a versatile fabric ideally suited for the protection and/or separation/filtration functions.

  • Multitrack NW

    MultiTrack™ NW

    This range has excellent filtration properties, making them ideal for use in a variety of construction applications, such as trench drains, wrapping of attenuation units, wrapping of perforated drainage pipes, encapsulation of granular drainage blankets.

  • Multitrack

    Non Woven Geotextiles

    Multitrack’s mechanical robustness and excellent hydraulic properties make them the ideal choice for applications requiring separation & filtration. They play a major role in construction when performing the functions of separation, filtration and erosion control.