E’GRID chosen for wind farm in N Ireland

Project: Glenconway Wind Farm, Northern Ireland
Client: SSE Renewables
Consultant:  Byrne Looby and Partners
Merchant Partner: MB Civils, Northern Ireland
Product: Wrekin Products E’GRID 3030 & 2020 – 75,000 square metres

Wrekin Products E’GRID geogrid was specified to reinforce heavy duty access road foundations at SSE’s Glenconway wind farm site, Northern Ireland.

Civil and geotechnical engineers Byrne Looby and Partners specified E’GRID integral geogrids 3030 and 2020 from Wrekin Products to create solid foundations to withstand the demands from vehicles carrying components for eight wind turbines and their foundations, a meteorological mast and a control building.

Specialist civil engineering merchants MB Civils supplied 75,000 square metres of E’GRID geogrid. MB Civils, part of the Macnaughton Blair group in Northern Ireland, has a long standing relationship with Wrekin Products, and is a key supplier in Northern Ireland.

Wrekin Products worked closely with MB Civils and delivered geogrids direct from Wrekin Products to ensure the order was completed in three days.

Derek Parish, MB Civils Sales Manager: “We worked closely with Wrekin Products and were in constant contact with the contractor to meet the needs of the site. We had to be very flexible and react to the customer’s requirements quickly with a mix of our stock and deliveries direct from Wrekin Products distribution centre in Lichfield.

“There were a lot of technical requirements needed for this project as well as fast delivery of geosynthetics, Wrekin Products was able to help us with both. We’ve stocked their products for a long time and seen geosynthetics that were once specials become standard. Our already great relationship is continuing to develop.”

“This was an exciting project for Wrekin Products. We worked closely with the specifiers, contractors and our merchant partners MB Civils to ensure that the large quantities were delivered to site to meet the contractors timetable.”
Simon Turner, Sales Director
The project by SSE, a leading electricity and gas company, is part of one of the largest operational wind farm clusters in Northern Ireland. When complete SSE’s Glenconway Wind Farm will generate 46MW of power and is part of a two phase project to create the 73.6MW Slieve Kirk wind farm cluster, in County Derry, Northern Ireland to provide electricity for 60,000 homes.

A geotextile was laid over the ground. Then, a layer of E’GRID geogrid was laid on top. The layer of geotextile separated the geogrid from the soil underneath while still allowing drainage. This meant that when stone fill was added to the geogrid the soil underneath would not combine with the stone fill and create a mud-on-mud effect.

Wrekin Products E'GRID chosen for Glenconway Wind FarmE’GRID geogrid works in conjunction with compacted fill and can save up to one third on stone fill materials. The high-strength polymer grid interlocks with the stone fill to improve load dispersal by confining the fill. The interlocking properties result from a combination of grid stiffness, grid rib height and the size of the grid apertures. Optimising these attributes including a tall rib height ensures E’GRID geogrid is highly effective in reinforcing the ground substrate.

Paul Cooley, SSE Renewables General Manager says: “The addition of Glenconway to our renewable energy portfolio will help cement our position as Northern Ireland’s leading renewable generator and developer. The team has overcome a number of challenges, and is now on course to deliver one of its strongest projects ever in Northern Ireland.”

Glenconway Wind Farm Laying Geogrid at the Glenconway wind farm

Further information:

Wrekin Products E’GRD geogrids

Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 2020 Geogrids

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Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 2020 Geogrids

Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 3030 Geogrids

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Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 3030 Geogrids