• Wrekin ArborRaft

    The ArborRaft comprises a single layer of cellular units laid in a raft arrangement over the tree root zone.The features of this construction method are as follows: The ArborRaft acts as a protection to the tree roots, promoting uniform directional growth of the roots, thus stabilising the tree. The high strength ArborRaft dissipates vertical and dynamic loadings to protect […]

  • EquinePave paver


    An ideal solution for safe standing surfaces in equestrian and other areas where animals are kept.

  • Tree Bunker

    The latest generation of underground soil containment systems for trees in hard landscaping.

  • ProtectaWeb


    A no-dig method of constructing access ways or parking areas in close proximity to nearby trees, without causing them undue stress that would damage or ultimately kill them

  • SX Grid


    Wrekin SX GRID biaxial geogrids can solve pavement problems by providing omni-axial reinforcement to granular sub-bases, capping layers & railway ballasts in areas of weak or variable soils.

  • coir matting

    Natural Erosion Control

    Wrekin offers an extensive range of biodegradable erosion control products. Natural fibre matted products assist in soil retention and helping to quickly establish plant growth on slopes and embankments.

  • Trinter Erosion Control Mesh

    Trinter Erosion Control Mesh

    Erosion control on banks and slopes is a common problem faced by many contractors and engineers. Erosion control matting is used as a lightweight solution to help establish healthy vegetation for permanent erosion protection on banks and slopes.

  • TurfMesh

    Turf Mesh Grass Protection System

    A versatile grass support system, which can be installed on already established lawns and park areas. Turf Mesh provides great versatility as a temporary system or left in position to become a permanent and integral reinforcement mesh.

  • Geogrids for SUDS

    Geogrids for SUDS

    SUDS are frequently installed in areas with poor ground conditions, furthermore the SUDS are often built upon after completion. Both Biaxial and Uniaxial geogrids can be employed to help stabilise the ground prior to installation.

  • GT membrane

    GT Membrane 500

    Wrekin offer a range of impermeable liners for wrapping modular water storage units/blocks, creating a watertight barrier to prevent storm water from filtering and saturating the surrounding ground.

  • Multitrack for SUDS

    Non Woven Geotextiles for SUDS

    Our specialist Multitrack NW and SNW products have excellent water-flow and filtration properties, making them ideal for applications such as trench drains, soakaways, infiltration tanks and reservoirs.

  • Geosynthetics for SUDS

    Geosynthetics for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

    It is now normal planning practice for developers and architects to design methods for controlling surface water run-off in all new build schemes. We have a range of products suitable for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

  • neoweb

    PRS-Neoweb Cellular Confinement System

    PRS-Neoweb cellular confinement system is designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials. It reduces the granular fill requirement by up to 50%.

  • uniaxial geogrid

    E’GRID Uniaxial

    Used in the reinforcement of walls and slopes, E’GRID Uniaxial’s principle characteristic is good creep performance with low strain and high strength under constant load.

  • biaxial geogrid

    E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids

    E’GRID Biaxial geogrids from Wrekin can solve pavement problems by providing omni-axial reinforcement to granular sub-bases, capping layers & railway ballasts in areas of weak or variable soils.

  • Geo grid

    Geogrids – ground reinforcement and stabilisation

    Wrekin’s Geogrids provide engineers with a range of solutions for mechanically stabilising earth through sub-base soil reinforcement and stabilisation. Typical uses include retaining walls, bridge abutments and steep slopes.

  • Multitrack VNW

    Multitrack VNW

    Multitrack VNW range provides relatively high puncture resistance making them ideal materials for use as pipeline protection fleeces, erosion control layers under rock armour in coastal defence projects or as protection fleece for impermeable liners on landfill sites or SUDS related projects.

  • Multitrack SNW

    Multitrack SNW

    Multitrack SNW products offer excellent puncture resistance properties combined with high permeability, properties that provide engineers with a versatile fabric ideally suited for the protection and/or separation/filtration functions.

  • Multitrack NW

    Multitrack NW

    This range has excellent filtration properties, making them ideal for use in a variety of construction applications, such as trench drains, wrapping of attenuation units, wrapping of perforated drainage pipes, encapsulation of granular drainage blankets.

  • Multitrack

    Non Woven Geotextiles

    Multitrack’s mechanical robustness and excellent hydraulic properties make them the ideal choice for applications requiring separation & filtration. They play a major role in construction when performing the functions of separation, filtration and erosion control.

  • fastrack high flow

    Fastrack High Flow Woven Geotextiles

    The Fastrack HF range of woven geotextiles is designed to provide high water through-flows with optimum particle retention. Manufactured from a mixture of mono and multi filaments of polyester/polypropylene, they can attain water flow rates of up to 700 l/m2/sec.

  • Fastrack geosynthetics

    Woven Geotextiles

    Market leading Fastrack woven geotextile fabrics are specified by both civil & marine engineers most commonly for soil separation and the reinforcement of aggregate layers.

  • fastrack standard grade

    Fastrack – Standard Grade Woven Geotextiles

    Fastrack SG woven geotextile fabric range is produced with long term performance in mind. It is available in strengths of up to 200kN/m width as standard and CBR puncture strengths ranging from 1.800N to 12.500N.