• Wrekin ArborRaft

    The ArborRaft comprises a single layer of cellular units laid in a raft arrangement over the tree root zone.The features of this construction method are as follows: The ArborRaft acts as a protection to the tree roots, promoting uniform directional growth of the roots, thus stabilising the tree. The high strength ArborRaft dissipates vertical and dynamic loadings to protect […]

  • TreeBunker™

    The latest generation of underground soil containment systems for trees in hard landscaping.

  • Geomembrane


    We supply a range of Impermeable Geomembranes for use as fluid or containment barriers. We have a comprehensive range of lining materials.

  • ProtectaWeb


    A no-dig method of constructing access ways or parking areas in close proximity to nearby trees, without causing them undue stress that would damage or ultimately kill them

  • Geogrids for SUDS

    Geogrids for SUDS

    SUDS are frequently installed in areas with poor ground conditions, furthermore the SUDS are often built upon after completion. Both Biaxial and Uniaxial geogrids can be employed to help stabilise the ground prior to installation.

  • GT membrane

    GT Membrane 500

    Wrekin offer a range of impermeable liners for wrapping modular water storage units/blocks, creating a watertight barrier to prevent storm water from filtering and saturating the surrounding ground.

  • Multitrack for SUDS

    Non Woven Geotextiles for SUDS

    Our specialist Multitrack NW and SNW products have excellent water-flow and filtration properties, making them ideal for applications such as trench drains, soakaways, infiltration tanks and reservoirs.

  • Geosynthetics for SUDS

    Geosynthetics for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

    It is now normal planning practice for developers and architects to design methods for controlling surface water run-off in all new build schemes. We have a range of products suitable for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).