Manhole cover accessories

  • ClickLift™

    ClickLift™ is an innovative, patented and BSi Kitemarked system which provides a rapid solution to raising selected standard Wrekin manhole frames.

  • ScrewLift™

    ScrewLift™ is suitable for use with nearly all of Wrekin’s D400 and E600 manhole covers and gully grates. ScrewLift™ is very straight forward to use and can be installed with any bedding mortar.  Instructions: Insert all of the plastic brushes into the corners of the flange from the underside of the frame. Screw the levelling bolts […]

  • GritBlocker™

    Access to underground chamber systems is often achieved by lifting manhole cover lids; inserting lifting keys into their keyways, then lifting the lids from the frame and placing them on the pavement surface near the chamber opening.  Problems With Existing Assets: Manhole lid keyway pockets are often filled with debris which prevents the insertion of […]

  • UniPak

    UniPak™ ironwork installation system

    The Wrekin UniPak patented ironwork installation system is designed to prevent bedding failure – one of the main factors contributing to the current poor performance of chamber tops