• TriStar™ D400 round manhole covers

    Wrekin’s range of D400 Group 4, circular hinged access covers fully comply with BS EN 124:2015 and carry the BSI Kitemark Standard. The hinge allows ease of access for one man entry and the cover features a spring bar.

  • Hercules™

      This unique design by Wrekin is the ideal solution when a very large access cover for D400 Group 4 is required. Designed and manufactured to meet the enhanced requirements of Highways England’s CD534 (Formerly HA 104/09) specification and BS EN 124:2015, the Hercules™ access cover includes additional market-leading features designed to provide both greater […]

  • PP

    Geomembrane with excellent flexibility, improved elasticity and resistance to puncture to assure maximum multiaxial elongation.

  • MultiTrack™

    MultiTrack™ Non woven geotextiles provide engineers with a comprehensive range of products 70-2000gsm. They are manufactured in state of the art facilities and provide the combined qualities of high water permeability and mechanical robustness. They play a major role in construction when performing the functions of separation, filtration and erosion control. Wrekin offer two types […]

  • FasTrack™

    FasTrack™ is a market leading brand of woven geotextile fabrics, manufactured using a range of different polymers, strengths and weave patterns. Wrekin offer 2 specific types of woven geotextile fabric: Standard Grade and High Flow (HF). FasTrack™ woven geotextile fabrics are specified by both civil and marine engineers most commonly for soil separation and the […]

  • FasTrack™ Orange

    Based on our popular FasTrack™ 609 geotextiles, FasTrack™ Orange prevents the intermixing of contaminated and uncontaminated soils and its bright colour also alerts users and future users to the potential danger of further excavation. It is designed and manufactured to conform to the old Department of Transport & Highways specification for road and earthworks separation. Key […]

  • Highway® HaloHinge™

    Wrekin’s D400 Highway® HaloHinge™ is designed and manufactured to meet the enhanced requirements of Highways England’s CD 534 specification (Formerly HA 104/09) for group 4 applications. Group 4 locations are those which sustain distributed loads afforded by pneumatic tyres at velocities up to national speed limits.

  • ClickLift™

    ClickLift™ is an innovative, patented and BSi Kitemarked system which provides a rapid solution to raising selected standard Wrekin manhole frames.

  • ScrewLift™

    ScrewLift™ is suitable for use with nearly all of Wrekin’s D400 and E600 manhole covers and gully grates. ScrewLift™ is very straight forward to use and can be installed with any bedding mortar.  Instructions: Insert all of the plastic brushes into the corners of the flange from the underside of the frame. Screw the levelling bolts […]

  • GritBlocker™

    Access to underground chamber systems is often achieved by lifting manhole cover lids; inserting lifting keys into their keyways, then lifting the lids from the frame and placing them on the pavement surface near the chamber opening.  Problems With Existing Assets: Manhole lid keyway pockets are often filled with debris which prevents the insertion of […]