CellPave HD cellular paving

High load cellular paving

CellPave HDCellPave HD™ cellular paving system has been designed to be installed with both gravel and/or grassed infills. The pavers are particularly suitable for incorporation into a SUDS compliant system and may even negate the need for water attenuation when installed on a suitable porous substrate.

CellPave HDCellPave HD is the perfect system for use on large scale civil engineering compound areas or contractor’s storage areas as the pavers can easily be uplifted at the end of the contract and reused if required.

Designed from the ground up, CellPave HD cellular paving is incredibly strong and sets a new standard in permeable plastic paving systems.

Easily uplifted and reused  

CellPave HD with grass infillMade in the UK, CellPave HD is made from 100% recycled, UK sourced post-industrial polymers. Each paver is 600mm x 400mm x 75mm thickness (4.17 pavers per sq metre). Weighing 8Kg each (33Kg/m²) they fall well within the HSE manual handling limits and are quick and easy to install. The unique design also allows interlocking stacking on pallets, resulting in reduced shipping costs.

Suitable for gravel or grassed installations our pavers are suitable for all vehicle grades up to HGV loadings. They are a cost effective alternative to Grasscrete systems and can be used as a source control element as part of a SUDS system.

Why specify CellPave HD?
Until now, plastic pavers have generally been unable to withstand high loadings when compared to concrete systems. CellPave HD is able to cope with these loads and also has the following benefits over concrete or Grasscrete type systems:

  • Flexible, so will not crack in adverse conditions
  • Insulating properties minimise grass ‘burn off’ in high temperatures
  • No specialist tools or equipment needed for installation
  • Harmless to plants and animals
A key feature of CellPave HD is the unique channel cut-outs
CellPave HD side profile
  • Enables 75% more product to be stacked on a pallet when compared to TruckPave 80
  • Offset interlocked stacking ensures a very stable pallet for transportation
  • Prevents stagnation inside the cell when a non-porous substrate is used for installation
  • Aids inter-cell drainage and allows nutrients to pass between cells
  • Promotes a much healthier root system that allows lateral root growth
  • A double stacked, cross-bonded layout is also possible
  • Typical applications

    • HGV and coarch parking area
    • Emergency vehicle and fire access routes
    • Highway verge reinforcement (particularly where HGV overrun can occur)
    • Fork lift loading areas

    Technical Download

    CellPave HD

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    CellPave HD
  • Benefits

    • Major cost advantage over other systems
    • Substantial design improvements resulting in improved performance
    • 100% Recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of life if required
    • The ONLY product in its class to be manufactured in the UK
    • Large stock levels with immediate delivery to site
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • High void area to encourage healthy grass growth