Charing Cross Redevelopment, Jersey

Channel Islands Co-operative Society

Charing Cross Redevelopment, Jersey

  • St Helier, Jersey
    Channel Islands Co-operative Society
    Axis Mason Architects
    CCASM Modern & Contemporary
    Pentagon Building Supplies
    15 Years
    Bespoke steel covers
    Structural performed chambers

  • A project to redevelop an area close to the city centre of St Helier in Jersey has included the transformation of a street from “a dark and dirty cut-through” to a work of art.

    The area is an important entry point to the main shopping area of St. Helier and includes the public open space at Charing Cross.

    One of the highlights of the project is the Pitt Street art installation, ‘The River of Light’, paid for by the Channel Islands Co-operative Society.

    Chris Clifford, Public Art Consultant and Director of CCASM Modern & Contemporary, says: “The River of Light is designed to suggest the movement of water, which at one time would have flowed through Charing Cross as a stream known as Le Grand Douet.”

The transformation of Pitt Street had to take account of practicalities, and steel covers were needed to provide an aesthetically pleasing unit for bespoke paving slabs within it.

Wrekin’s Regional Sales Manager went to Jersey to meet architect Axis Mason and discuss the specific requirements for the covers, due to the unique design of the pavers specified for the scheme.

  • There was also a requirement for the supply of the chambers on top of which the covers were to sit. Wrekin designed and produced bespoke units, including one with a peephole, and also supplied the structural preformed chambers.

    Wrekin worked closely with Axis Mason, and the merchant, Pentagon Building Supplies, to provide a total package solution for this iconic site.

Wrekin Products is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of steel access covers. We design and manufacture an extensive range, galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461, of both single seal and double seal/ locked designs, all under ISO 9001 quality systems.

Our 30 years of technical expertise and leadership enables us to offer full design assistance and technical support to provide a solution to most access problems – as the St Helier job proves.

The River of Lights installation, created by public art consultant Chris Clifford, involves paving slabs with different coloured stone rippling through them. It also has text inscriptions carved into the paving capturing the history of St. Helier over the last 1000 years.

To look ahead, Chris worked with pupils from a nearby school to hear their hopes for the future – their words are also included.

Standard covers were unsuitable for this project. Bespoke sizes and features, including a cover with a peephole, together with an enhanced level of galvanising (140 microns instead of 70 microns coating) due to the location’s close proximity to the coast, were specified.

In addition, standard steel covers were also provided for other areas in Charing Cross.

Wrekin worked closely with all the parties involved in the project and organised a meeting in Jersey with the architect to ensure we had fully understood the unique requirements. Wrekin also liaised with Pentagon Ltd to ensure that the correct covers and chambers were ordered, and the delivery schedule was adhered to.

Pitt Street is now a tourist attraction and is being used for events such as street markets, a total transformation from the dark and dirty cut-through Chris Clifford said it had previously been.

Feedback to Wrekin for providing a complete solution has been very positive.