The Wrekin range D400 access covers

Providing specifier choice

Wrekin analysed the causes of failures of installed access covers and using a detailed understanding of the behaviour of ductile iron and the forces involved in actual traffic situations set out to design a product that attacked these causal factors at source – the result is the Unite range.

Unite brings together in one range of products a number of unique patented innovations including Anti-Flex© beams and the FrameGrip© system that gives it industry leading performance and life. Independent estimates indicate that Unite D400 access covers are likely to deliver over 10 times the operational life of most competing products. With the cost of replacing a D400 installation often in excess of £500, the case for Unite is compelling.

The safety critical nature of access covers together with the whole life cost economics makes Unite the choice of many specifiers including Thames Water, the biggest user of access covers in the UK.
Complete product information here: Unite

The UK Highway Agency recognised the limitations of BS EN 124:2015 and accordingly produced its own specification in the form of HA104/02 later revised to /09. This specification requires some specific design features such as lifting points and enlarged frame flanges and Wrekin’s Highway range fully meets all these requirements.
Complete product information here: Highway

Fully complies with BS EN 124:2015 and has patented features that make it superior to competing products.
Complete product information here: Tri-Star