TriWay anti-theft gully grate


Ductile iron hinged double triangular gully grates

A revolutionary and unique design by Wrekin gives the best solution for BS EN 124:2015 D400 gully grates in one product. This gully grate has captive hinges that combine with double triangular seating to allow single unit opening with an anti-theft feature.

Key features

D400 symbol For use in a Group 3 Class D400 carriageway environment anti-theft gully grate
kitemark symbol All fully comply with BS EN 124:2015 and are Kitemarked by BSI
HA104-09 Complies fully with UK Highways Authority specification HA 104/09
gully grate linkage A unique and patented articulated coupling links two double triangular units allowing the benefits of three point suspension together with the advantages of single unit opening.
anti-theft gully grate Captive hinges reduce theft risk whilst allowing easy lifting for gully cleaning anti-theft gully grate
reversible hinge symbol Due to the unique design, hinging is reversible allowing the grating to hinge correctly for the traffic flow direction
waterway symbol Up to 1200cm² waterway area
non-rock symbol Three point suspension on covers for non-rock stability
ductile iron symbol Manufactured from strong and highly durable ductile iron

Sizes and availability

Wrekin product code Clear opening size (mm) Frame depth (mm) Over frame size (mm) Waterway area (cm²)
DGHT0D4/4337/KHA 430 x 370 100 520 x 520 1100
DGHT0D4/4242/KHA* 425 x 425 100 560 x 520 1200
DGHT0D6/4337/KHA 430 x 370 150 520 x 520 1100
DGHT0D6/4242/KHA* 425 x 425 150 560 x 520 1200
DGHT0D4/4337/KP 430 x 370 100 520 x 520 900
DGHT0D4/4337/KP4F 430 x 370 100 520 x 520 900

*Tapers at base to 450×450 clear opening
Available options:
Screw-locking to deter unauthorised access to the gully chamber (will require standard extended-shank socket set tooling to engage/disengage locking screw.
60+ PSRV anti-slip coating to top surface.