Fallow Park Housing Development


Fallow Park Housing Development

  • Fallow Park, Cannock
    Fallow Park
    Jessop Brothers
    0.75mm Greenseal EPDM Geomembrane
    & SNW40 Geotextile Protection Fleece

    “Wrekin provided Jessop’s with a technical solution which saved time and cost, enabling us to continue with our works unhindered ensuring we met key milestones of the construction phase. Their on site technical support was invaluable during the installation of the geomembrane.”

    Paul Holyhead – Jessop Brothers Limited.

  • Fallow Park is an exclusive housing development on the outskirts of Cannock. The rural setting of the development and close proximity to Hawks Green Nature Reserve influenced the design and installation of shared recreation areas on the site.

    A 1400m2 ornamental pond with green space was designed to enhance the development and provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife.The ground conditions and nature of the finished pond meant that an impermeable membrane would be required to line the pond.

    The groundwork contractors contacted Wrekin Products via their preferred distributor to provide a solution. Normally in this situation a specialist team of geomembrane installers would visit the site, place the geomembrane and weld the joints to provide a water tight seal.

However, Wrekin’s Geosynthetics team offered a one piece Greenseal EDPM Geomembrane as the solution, meeting the requirements of the specification whilst providing huge cost savings in installation timescales, plus the material did not require specialist installation machinery.

The liner was protected by a 300g/m2 SNW geotextile protection fleece. The liner was pre-fabricated by our geomembrane partner and delivered to site on a manageable roll for the groundworkers to install. Both the geotextile and liner were installed within 2 hours of commencement as the liner was simply unfurled from its roll and placed in-situ.