Geogrids – ground reinforcement and stabilisation

Wrekin Geogrids
Wrekin’s total geosynthetics package includes a complete range of geogrid ground stabilisation products including:
Wrekin’s Geogrids provide engineers with a range of solutions for mechanically stabilising earth through sub-base soil reinforcement and stabilisation. Typical uses include retaining walls, bridge abutments and steep slopes.

  • Cost effective solutions for ground stabilisation  
Tensile Strength versus mass per unit weight
E’GRID vs TriAx(TM) Products
Adjudication 46265 of the Advertising Standards Authority states: “We noted we had not seen robust evidence to show that Tensar’s biaxial geogrids were the “best performing” geogrids compared to the geogrids of Tensar’s competitors, or that Tensar TriAx geogrids outperformed either their own biaxial geogrids in all instances or the biaxial geogrids of their competitors”.

Wrekin’s findings confirm that based on four key product properties BiAxial E’GRID 2020 is equal or greater in performance to TriAx TX160 and BiAxial E’GRID 3030 provides superior performance in comparison with both TriAx TX160 and TX170.

Wrekin E'GRID Wrekin E'GRID Uniaxial Wrekin SX Grid