Geomembranes for containment barriers

Wrekin impermeable linersWrekin Products supply a range of Impermeable Geomembranes for use as fluid or containment barriers. We have a comprehensive range of lining materials including:
LLDPE – Low Linear Density Polyethylene
HDPE – High Density Polyethylene
PP – Polypropylene
Butyl Rubber
EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
GT500 – Polyethylene

Geotextile Fabric

A variety of uses in SUDS

GT Membrane 500Wrekin’s range of high quality impermeable geomembranes are manufactured to current European standards by an industry leading Geomembrane manufacturer.

We offer a variety of roll sizes for each of the different materials to match individual site requirements. The selection of the correct material is vital to the performance of the membrane system, with this in mind our technical team can advise on product selection appropriate to the application and full installation method statements. We can supply the suitable tapes for lapped and taped jointed situations or we can offer a full design, supply and installation option providing the client with the comfort that the selected system will be installed correctly ensuring long term performance of the installed Geomembrane.

Wrekin Products also provide pre-formed welded liners produced from any of the above materials reducing installation timeframes and costs of specialist machinery and labour associated with full installation packages.

GT Membrane 500

GT Membrane 500

  • Applications

    • Attenuation ponds and lagoons
    • Anaerobic digestion ponds
    • Waste management
    • Slurry lagoons
    • Trench lining
    • Protection against the ingress of soil based gases into building
    • Ornamental lakes
    • Containment barriers
    • Root barriers
    • Japanese Knotweed barriers
    • Hydrocarbon barriers
  • Technical Downloads

    GT Membrane 500 specification guide

    233.78 KB | Version | PDF format

    GT Membrane 500 specification guide

    LLDPE Impermeable Geomembrane

    666.86 KB | Version | PDF format

    HDPE Impermeable Geomembrane (Smooth)

    707.85 KB | Version | PDF format

    HDPE Impermeable Geomembrane (Textured)

    799.14 KB | Version | PDF format