GT Membrane 500

Impermeable Geomembrane

Geotextile FabricWrekin offer a range of impermeable liners for wrapping modular water storage units/blocks, creating a watertight barrier to prevent storm water from filtering and saturating the surrounding ground.

GT Membrane 500 is a standard impermeable geomembrane used for standard ‘attenuation tank’ applications in SUDS.

The membrane is completely wrapped around the modular water storage tanks to make them watertight, then the whole tank together with the membrane is wrapped with a protection fleece geotextile to prevent the membrane being punctured.

GT Membrane 500

Adjacent sheets should be overlapped by at least 150mm and bound with 100mm wide jointing tape. Double and single sided tape is available from our sales office.

Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to attack by inorganic acids, alkalis and salt solution which cause corrosion to metals and dilute solutions of detergent or bleaches.

Resistance to UV Light:
Does not have UV stabilisation therefore not recommended for long periods of exposure to sunlight. Weathering will not occur when installed in accordance with geotechnical engineer’s instructions.

Resistance to Puncturing:
Has a high standard of resistance when used in accordance with suitable protection layer which should be specified by and engineer on site. Care should be taken to avoid damage during storage, handling and installation.

  • Applications:

    • Wrapping modular storage units/blocks
  • Technical Downloads

    GT Membrane 500 Specification Guide

    233.78 KB | Version v1 | PDF format