High Density Polyethylene Impermeable Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembranes are the most commonly specified liners in the construction industry. Tried and tested the HDPE membranes are resistant to most chemicals, are extremely robust and have a high stress fracture resistance.

HDPE liners are available in 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm sheet thickness. HDPE liners are suitable for Anearobic Digestion applications, barriers against Hydrocarbons and protecting against the ingress of harmful soil based gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and radon.

Protection – Stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce damage
Reinforcement – Resists stresses or reduces deformations
Drainage – Collects and transports fluids within its thickness

Our technical team can advise on product selection appropriate to the application and full installation method statements.

We can supply the suitable tapes for lapped and taped jointed situations or we can offer a full design, supply and installation option providing the client with the comfort that the selected system will be installed correctly ensuring long term performance of the installed Geomembrane.


GT Membrane 500

  • Applications:

    • Ponds
    • Lagoons
    • Anaerobic digestion ponds
    • Gas barriers
    • Hydrocarbon barriers
    • Swales
    • Attenuation tanks
  • Technical Downloads:

    HDPE Impermeable Geomembrane (Smooth)

    707.85 KB | Version | PDF format


    HDPE Impermeable Geomembrane (Textured)

    799.14 KB | Version | PDF format