Highway® V Gully Grates

Group 4 & CD 534

Highway V gulley

Wrekin’s Highway Group 4 V gully grates are designed and manufactured to conform to Highways England’s Design Manual for Roads and bridges (DMRB) specification CD 534 which recently replaced HA104/09.

The Highway® range of access covers and gully grates conform to BS EN 124:2015 and also includes patented safety provisions and design features to ensure safe and robust performance.

The V gully is ideal for use in carriage surface water drainage channels with a 1:5 shaped profile. As a safety-critical product, this design incorporates a spring lock, safety lifting keyway and captive anti-theft hinges. This product conforms to CD 534.

This product range should not to be exposed to group 5 traffic or above. The use of road plates is recommended where exposure to construction site traffic is likely.

Key features

D400 symbol For use in a Group 4 Class D400 carriageway environment
Fully compliant with BS EN 124:2015
Complies with Highways England DRMB CD 534 and MCHW Series 500
HA104-09 Complies with Highways England specification HA 104/09
kitemark symbol Third party certified by BSI and carries Kitemark
4 flange gully grate Four flanges – for placement away from kerb edges
Hinged product Hinged product for ease of access
Anti-theft captive hinge Captive hinges reduce risk of theft and allow easy access for cleaning
enlarged flange Enlarged frame corners help to dissipate the load
waterway symbol Waterway – Up to 5100cm²
keyway Safety keyway – ensures key is secure in keyway when lifting
ductile iron symbol Manufactured from strong and highly durable ductile iron
lifting points symbol Mechanical lifting points

Sizes and availability


Wrekin product code Clear opening size (mm) Frame depth (mm) Overall frame size (mm) Waterway area (cm²)
DGHV0D6/6060/KH 600 x 600 150 800 x 800 1950
DGHV0D6/6712/KH 675 x 1200 150 880 x 1405 4550
DGHV0D8/1267/KH 1200 x 675 200 1405 x 880 4550
DGHV0D6/9090/KH 900 x 900 150 1100 x 1100 5100

Available options:

Screw-locking to deter unauthorised access to the gully chamber.
Enhanced Anti-slip coating

Available accessories:


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Highway® Brochure

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Highway® D400 product range

Individual data sheet

Catch Pits D400 - Highway Range V-Gully Hinged

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