Neoloy® Geocell System

Cellular confinementThe Neoloy® Geocell System system has been designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials.

Neoloy® Geocell System stabilises the infill, providing load distribution over weak soils, base stabilisation for paved and unpaved roads.

Neoloy® Geocell System is a perforated panelled system, providing contractors with straightforward installation, even on steep banks and slopes.
Neoloy® Geocell System provides a cost effective solution for stabilisation, reducing the granular fill requirement by up to 50%.
It permits the use of common fill materials even in locations of high load intensity. Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), Neoloy® Geocell System when infilled provides a semi-rigid foundation.
Traffic loads are distributed laterally, reducing rutting and assisting in the retention of infill materials.

Tensile Strength versus mass per unit weight

Neoloy® Geocell System Manufactured from high density polyethylene with perforations to improve lateral drainage with integral polyester tendons to provide additional clamping.

Non Woven Geotextile Fabrics

A cost effective solution for stabilisation  

PRS-Neoweb Cellular Confinement SystemNeoloy® Geocell system is a perforated cellular confinement system, which collapses into lightweight and compact bundles for easy handling on site. The perforations improve lateral drainage through cell walls, promoting stability through greater root lock in vegetated systems.
Neoloy® Geocell system can be installed and built up in layers to create steep and structurally sound embankments, often in support of roads and railways.This method of construction provides engineers with a cost effective and reliable method for embankment creation, furthermore Neoloy® Geocells helps to promote the growth of natural vegetation cover.

Neoloy® Geocell System
Integral polyester tendons, incorporated into the perforated system through pre-drilled holes, provide additional clamping of the Neoloy® Geocell. This provides additional stability, especially important when the use of a geomembrane underlay prevents anchoring with stakes.
  • Applications

    Typical applications for Neoloy® Geocell System:

    • Road and pavement reinforcement
    • Rail base stabilisation
    • Slope and channel protection & stability
    • Earth retention for banks & slopes
    • Earth walls
    • Reservoir and landfill protection
    • Vegetative slope confinement/erosion control
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