New Temporary Site Access Road – Private Residence

Pyrford Common, Woking, Surrey

New Temporary Site Access Road – Private Residence

  • Pyrford Common, Woking, Surrey
    Aspenarb Ltd
    Woking Borough Council
    ProtectaWeb™ 200mm
    Root-tex™ 30

    “We were very impressed by the performance of the ProtectaWeb™ system. The local authority were delighted on how unintrusive the system was and are pleased with the overall solution provided by Wrekin Products.”

    Richard Dymott of Aspenarb Limited

  • Wrekin Products’ Tree Root Protection (TRP) team were approached by Aspen Arboriculture with a design request for a new site access road through a heavily tree-populated site in leafy Woking, Surrey.

    The local authority approved planning permission of the new development and temporary access road, providing the developer complied with BS5837 regarding the protected trees on site.

    Wrekin visited the site prior to the design being formalised to assess the site, ground conditions and loading requirements before making specific recommendations for the solution.

    The new road was required to accommodate delivery vehicles, concrete wagons and general site traffic without impacting on the existing mature redwoods.

    Wrekin proposed our ProtectaWeb™ 200mm deep 3 dimensional cellular confinement system to prevent soil compaction during the construction phase of the new development. ProtectaWeb™ TRP distributes vertical wheel loads laterally significantly reducing the stresses of underlying sub grade materials.

  • The ProtectWeb™ was infilled with a free-draining, clean, angular 20mm to 40mm stone to ensure the existing aeration and drainage was not changed due to the construction of this new tree root protection roadway.

    The site access road is now operational and has been used extensively by HGVs with no settlement evident of the system. As this is a temporary solution the road and materials will be removed after final construction has completed.