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EGrid / Biaxial / Template


1. All strength and load figures are based on test results from manufacturer’s laboratory, measured in accordance
with ISO 10319 at the temperature of 21±1°C and calculated as a lowest 95% confidence limit in accordance with
ISO 2602.
2. Measured by comparing the results of tests in accordance with test methods GRI/GG2 and GRI/GGI.
3. At 2% strain under 360° radial loading. Determined from tests in accordance with EN ISO 10319.
4. Carbon Black content ≥2%.
5. Other roll sizes are available to order.

1. Wrekin Products Ltd is continually seeking to improve our products and therefore reserves the right to alter product specifications without prior notice.
2. It is the responsibility of all users to satisfy themselves the above data is current.
3. Installation details are available on request.