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E’GRID™ Uniaxial

Used in the reinforcement of walls and slopes, E’GRID Uniaxial’s principal characteristic is good creep performance with low strain and high strength under constant load.

Soil banks are constructed by wrapping E’GRID Uniaxial geogrid around the soil face to the required slope angle, this process is repeated in layers to create a stable/steep embankment. Reinforced soil retaining walls can be constructed with a variety of faces, these structures can accommodate base deformation and have particularly good resistance to vibration and earthquakes.

E’GRID reinforcement can improve the bearing capacity and safety of a structure whilst helping to reduce construction cost. Engineers can further attain cost savings by reusing on site material, even from previously failed slopes, which can be excavated and reused together with E’GRID geogrids to construct a stable embankment or slope.

EGrid uniaixial render

Applications for E'Grid Uniaxial

  • Reinforcement of soil walls and abutments
  • Soil slopes along side roads and railways

Key functions


Resists stresses or reduces deformations



Stock code Product name Description Datasheet My Wrekin
GGEGRID/50R/1.3X50 E'GRID 50R Uniaxial Geogrid HDPE - 1.3m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/60R/1.3X50 E'GRID 60R Uniaxial Geogrid HDPE - 1.3m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/70R/1.3X50 E'GRID 70R Uniaxial Geogrid HDPE - 1.3m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/95R/1.3X50 E'GRID 95R Uniaxial Geogrid HDPE - 1.3m x 50m roll