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Cost-effective reinforcement

SX Grid

SX Grid is a biaxial geogrid that provides a cost-effective solution to solve pavement problems by providing omni-axial reinforcement to granular sub-bases, capping layers and railway ballasts in areas of weak or variable soils.

SX Grid biaxial geogrid installation

SX Grid allows granular particles to be compacted over them, partially penetrating and projecting through the apertures. This creates a strong and positive interlock, this interlocking mechanism increases shearing resistance within the soil, improving compaction and allowing the sub-base thickness to be decreased while allowing loads to be dispersed. With SX Grid you can reduce construction time, costs and even CO2e.

Benefits of SX Grid

Variant Roll sizes
SX Grid 2020 4m x 50m
SX Grid 3030 4m x 50m, 4.5m x 50m, 5.2m x 50m
SX Grid 4040 4m x 30m


SX Grid roll

SX Grid Statistics

reduction available on the thickness of a compound or haul road.
cost savings available when using SX Grid.

Applications for SX Grid

SX Grid is a versatile biaxial geogrid, providing strong reinforcement to weak sub-bases across a wide variety of applications.

Compounds and haul roads

Achieve an economical design with rapid delivery and reduced costs on your compound or haul road.

Compounds and haul roads

Working platforms

Safety is critical, quickly increase the bearing capacity and reduce platform thickness with SX Grid.

Working platforms

Paved roads

Whether a rigid or flexible pavement, SX Grid can provide increased strength and stiffness to a roads foundation.


Minimise track settlement and degradation, by providing granular confinement for increased longevity with reduced costs.

Car parks

Whether paved or unpaved, the interlocking mechanism provided by SX Grid will increase performance with lower upfront and whole-life costs.

Achieve significant savings

Reduce your projects carbon emissions

Wrekin geogrids can play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions across a project. There's numerous ways this is achieved, including:

  • By reducing the amount of earthworks required on-site before the grids go into the ground. This reduces the amount of plant required, and their associated emissions.
  • Reducing the thickness of a haul road, compound or similar. This thickness is created with aggregate which requires extraction, processing, and transport. By minimising the aggregate you will significantly reduce embodied carbon. Wrekin geogrids can provide equivalent load bearing capabilities to sub-bases twice as thick, providing aggregate savings of up to 50%.
  • Minimising the likelihood of repairs. Geogrids provide reinforcement, leading to higher quality, stronger sub-bases, which can result in longer lasting and harder wearing installations, requiring less repairs and maintenance.

Find out how much money and carbon you can save

When constructing a temporary road you can save money and decrease your carbon footprint by using a Wrekin biaxial geogrid to dramatically reduce the amount of aggregate required on your project.

Our easy to use calculate can give you an estimation of cost and carbons savings.

The economical geogrid

Use less rolls on every project

SX Grid provides an economical and eco-friendly solution. Most geogrids are available in 4m roll widths, this results in rolls having to be overlapped and pined together, doubling labour, cost and shipping. SX Grid 3030, our most popular product in the range, is available in roll widths up to 5.2m wide.

This also happens to be the most economical method to ship geogrids to site. The added benefits of this includes reduced CO2, maximising the space available when shipping, meaning more can be transported in less space, reducing environmental impacts. The carbon reductions don’t just stop there, wider rolls means fewer trucks on the road delivering geogrid to site.

For larger applications SX Grid reduces the number of overlaps required compared to alternatives. A reduction in overlaps not only enhances the integrity of the solution by reducing the number of potential weaker points, but can significantly reduce installation time, saving on labour and plant costs.



Stock code Product name Description Datasheet My Wrekin
GGSXGRID/20 SX Grid 2020 Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 50m roll
GGSXGRID/30 SX Grid 3030 Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 50m roll (other roll sizes available)
GGSXGRID/40 SX Grid 4040 Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 30m roll


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