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GCL 5000

GCL 5000 is a mechanically bonded geosynthetic clay liner composite of pulverised bentonite embedded between two layers of geotextile. Additional bentonite is added to the overlap edges for ease of sealing.

GCL 5000 complies with the latest codes of practice as published in LFE 3 - Using Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Landfill Engineering.

GCL 5000 product render

Functions of GCL 5000


Collects and transports fluids within its thickness

Erosion control

Prevents wind or water surface erosion


Stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce damage


Resists stresses or reduces deformations

GCL 5000 specification

Characteristic Test method GCL 5000 Tolerance MQC frequency
Carrier Layer (PP Woven) MPUA EN ISO 9864 115g/m² -0.1 1/20,000m²
Cover Layer (PP Non-woven) MPUA EN ISO 9864 200g/m² -0.1 1/20,000m²
Bentonite (Sodium Bentonite) Layer
Montmorillonite Content CUR 33 (VDG 69) >75% n/a 1/batch
Swell Index ASTM D 5890 ≥24ml/2g n/a 1/batch
Fluid Loss ASTM D 5891 <18ml n/a 1/batch
Moisture Content DIN 18121-1 <20% n/a 1/5,000m²
Water Absorbtion DIN 18132 >500% n/a 1/batch
Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Mass per unit area of Bentonite EN 14196 4700g/m² ±10% 1/20,000m²
Mass per unit area of GCL EN 14196 5015g/m² ±10% 1/2,500m²
Tensile Strength (MD/CMD) EN ISO 10319 12kN/m -0.1 1/10,000m²
Permeability ASTM D 5887 ≤5.0 x 10-11m/s n/a 1/25,000m²
Index Flux ASTM D 5887 ≤5.0 x 10-9m³/m²/s n/a 1/25,000m²
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM 4632 >400N n/a 1/10,000²
CBR Puncture Resistance EN ISO 12236 2kN -0.1 1/50,000²
Peel Strength ASTM D 6496 >60N/10cm n/a 1/5,000²
Roll Dimensions
Roll Width x Length Typical 5.1 x 40m n/a Every roll
Roll Area Typical 204m² n/a Every roll