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EquinePave provides a strong stable surface suited for equine applications and other areas where animals are kept. Constructed from a a recycled plastic mesh structure, the 400mm wide units incorporate strong connecting hooks making EquinePave incredibly strong and highly stable, providing a safe and secure standing surface.


Benefits of EquinePave

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Suitable for load class SLW 60 according to DIN 1072
  • Excellent water permeation through the surface
  • Ideal aperture size for horses
  • Durable and non-rotting
  • Simple installation process



Stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce damage


Resists stresses or reduces deformations

Frost and UV resistant

EquinePave specifications

Dimension Measurement
Length 500mm
Width 400mm
Height 40mm
Weight / Slab 2.1kg
Weight / m 2 10.5kg
Coverage / Slab 0.20m2
Coverage 5 units/m2
Items / pallet 100 units
Coverage / pallet 20m2
Material 100% recycled polythene and polypropylene
Connection T slugs and slots
Colour Black