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Turf Mesh is a versatile grass support system, which can be installed on already established lawns and park areas. Turf Mesh provides great versatility as a temporary system or left in position to become a permanent and integral reinforcement mesh.

Turf Mesh is laid directly onto the grass surface and secured in place by supplied steel U-pins. Grass roots quickly grow through and establish within the mesh apertures, areas of installation return to a natural appearance as the Turf Mesh becomes part of the grass root matrix.


Turf Mesh has been specifically designed to facilitate vehicular traffic on ground with established grass/turf without effecting normal gardening practices e.g. mowing, fertilising, rolling.

Turf Mesh is manufactured from a heavy duty thermoplastic which incorporates a blowing agent to help texture and create a less slippery surface. Green and brown in colour Turf Mesh is UV stabilised, rot resistant and chemically inert, providing a long term reinforcement solution. Turf Mesh is available in three grades to suit different loading capacities from pedestrian to emergency vehicle access.


  • Overflow Car Parks
  • Pedestrian grassed areas
  • Emergency Access Routes
  • Golf Course Buggy Access
  • Caravan Parks
  • Equestrian Surface Reinforcement
  • Footpaths & Cycle Tracks
  • Light Aircraft taxi-ways

Turf Mesh specification

Characteristics Test Units Turfmesh 1000 Turfmesh 1400 Turfmesh 1800
Structure     Rhomboidal
Polymer     Polyethylene and EVA (foam)
Colour     Green and brown
Tensile strength - MD* EN ISO 10319 kN/m 6.5 9.5 11.5
Yield point elongation* EN ISO 12236 % 25 25 25
Residual thickness @ 500kPa ASTM D1621 % 50 50 50
Physical properties
Roll width x length   m 2 x 20 2 x 20 2 x 20
Weight by area   g/m2 1000 1400 1800
Roll weight   kg 40 56 72
Roll diameter   m 0.51 0.52 0.59
Roll volume   m3 0.55 0.54 0.70
Roll covering area   m2 40 40 40

* longitudinal pitch