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Slope stabilisation

ProtectaWeb slope stabilisation system has been designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials. It works by stabilising the infill, providing load distribution over weak soils, and base stabilisation for paved and unpaved roads.

Protecta Web product render

ProtectaWeb slope stabilisation provides contractors with straightforward installation, even on steep banks and slopes. A perforated panelled system, ProtectaWeb is an incredibly cost effective solution for stabilisation and can reduce granular fill requirement by up to 50%.

Common fill materials can be used, even in locations of high load intensity. When infilled, ProtectaWeb provides a semi-rigid foundation.

Traffic loads are distributed laterally, reducing rutting and assisting in the retention of infill materials.

ProtectaWeb installation



Resists stresses or reduces deformations


Stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce damage


Allows passage of fluids whilst retaining soil particles


Collects and transports fluids within its thickness

Erosion control

Prevents wind or water surface erosion

Product specification

Cell depth Test method 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm
Suitable for   Light foot trafficking Cycleways, footpaths, bridleways, small vehicle access Car parks, domestic driveways, vehicle hard standing Fire tenders, dust carts, vehicles up to 30 tonnes Site access for construction vehicles, cranes and working platforms
Sheet length (m)   3.68
Bonded ranges (mm)   356±2.5
Expanded cell size (WxL) (mm)   260x224
No of cells / section   330
Expanded section size (m)   2.71 x 7.38        
Expanded section area (m2)   20        
Material ASTM D 1505 High density polyethylene composite with density of 0.95 g/cm3 (±1.5%)
Standard colour   Black from carbon black
Density (g/cm3) ISO 1183 ≥0.94
Carbon black content (%) BS 2782 ≥1.5
Tensille strength3 MD (kN/m) ISO 10319 ≥20
Tensile strength of perforated strip MD (kN/m) ISO 10319 >10
Elongation at maximum load 3,4 (%) ISO 10319 15
Seam peel strength3 (N / 100mm depth cell) ISO 13426 method B ≥1420
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