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Root-Tex is commonly specified as an oil pollution control geotextile in application for tree root protection. Root-Tex products are manufactured by needle punching tenacity polypropylene fibres, to produce a consistent & uniform product of the highest performance.

Root-Tex products offer a combination of high permeability and particle retention providing engineers with a versatile fabric ideally suited for protection, separation and filtration functions.

Root-Text product render

Key functions


Stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce damage


Allows passage of fluids whilst retaining soil particles


Prevents intermixing of dissimilar soil layers


Wrekin product code Product name Description My Wrekin
GTROOTTEX10 Root-Tex 10 Non-Woven Geotextile, 1240N, 100g/m² - 5.25m x 100m roll
GTROOTTEX30 Root-Tex 30 Superior Non-Woven Geotextile, 4000N, 300g/m² - 5.25m x 100m roll