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Stolen gully grates are a serious problem for authorities responsible for roads and highways, resulting in Wrekin being approached by several Councils to develop a cost effective solution. MultiGrate provides a high quality, safe and easy to install temporary fix to keep roads open until a permanent solution, such as our Anti-Theft Gully Grate, can be installed.

MultiGrate temporary manhole cover

An English County Council reported over £25,000 of manhole covers and gully grates were stolen in the winter of 2012/13. This follows a survey by the Local Government Association in 2012 which found that the cost of these thefts to councils had risen 26 per cent from 2009/10 to 2010/11. To combat the problem Wrekin Products has launched MultiGrate, a temporary fix for hazardous open gullies and broken grates.

Responding to gully grate theft often means several visits for maintenance crews to complete the installation of a replacement cover, leading to increased traffic disruption and extra costs.

MultiGrate is designed to be fitted efficiently by a maintenance crew on the first visit. Its robust design forms a secure temporary grate until a permanent replacement is installed. The grate is easily cut on site to fit the exact size of the gully using standard tools and the built-in cutting guidelines ensures an accurate fit with most inspected gratings. MultiGrate is lightweight, can be stored as part of a maintenance crew’s standard equipment, is non-toxic and importantly has no scrap value.

  • One grate fits 90% of all inspected gratings
  • No scrap value but the grate is reusable and recyclable
  • Quick installation by only cutting through bars / ribs
  • Moulded cutting lines on width, depth and height
  • One stocking item solution is always on site
  • No hazadous fumes when cutting
  • High waterway at all defined sizes
  • Lightweight 13kg per grating


Wrekin product code Range Overall frame size (A x B) Clear opening size (C x D) Frame depth (E) Base opening size (F x G) Waterway area My Wrekin
MultiGrate 450 mm x 510 mm 80 mm 7.21 cm²
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