Raleigh Hall Car Park


Raleigh Hall Car Park

  • Raleigh Hall, Staffordshire
    Raleigh Hall
    Wrekin Products
    Private Contractor
    CellTrack™ and FasTrack™ 609


  • Wrekin were approached by Raleigh Hall to advise and design a suitable solution for a gravel car park to accompany a new warehouse development. Wrekin offered their CellTrackgravel retention system using FasTrack 609as a separation layer.

    Wrekin’s CellTrackis a recycled gravel paving system that is virtually invisible from the surface once fitted. Designed for quick and easy installation, panels simply interlock together and incorporate small ground spikes which provide anchorage during installation.

The final result is an environmentally friendly and attractive permanent car park.

FasTrack™ 609 was specified to be used as a separation layer between the sub-base and topsoil. FasTrack™ 609 is one of the largest selling general purpose geotextiles in the UK. Designed and manufactured to conform to the old Department of Transport and Highways specification for road and earth works separation. FasTrack™ 609 provides a cost effective solution for separation and filtration for the general and building markets.