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MultiTrack SNW17 compared with a leading geotextile competitor

Mechanical properties Test Units MultiTrack SNW17 Competitor product
Tensile strength EN ISO 10319 kN/m 10.3 8.5
Elongation EN ISO 10319 % 50 28
CBR puncture resistance EN ISO 12236 N 1700 1575
Hydraulic properties Test Units    
Permeability EN ISO 11058 l/m2.s 100 80
Characteristic opening size EN ISO 12956 μm 110 145
Oil retention   l/m2(11kPa) 1.16 0.31
    l/m2(120kPa)** 0.6 0.25
Physical properties Test Units    
Weight EN ISO 9864 g/m2 150 130
Roll width   cm 400 225 / 450
Roll length   m 100 100


Explanatory notes

  • Multitrack SNW17 exceeds the Tensile Strength and CBR Puncture Resistance of the competitor product making it stronger and more robust.
  • Both products are manufactured using a non-woven process so have good elongation characteristics.
  • The non-woven production process gives both products excellent hydraulic properties.
  • The greater mass and thickness of Multitrack SNW17 means that the geotextile is capable of absorbing hydrocarbons from leaks and spills and provides an environment for a microbial biomass to develop to allow oil digestion to occur.
  • Retention testing shows that the Multitrack SNW17 swells and absorbs more oil than the competitor product.
  • When under load, Multitrack SNW17 retains more than double the amount of oil of the competitor product, thereby allowing the microbial biomass more potential to digest a greater quantity of hydrocarbons.

** A load of 120kPa approximately replicates the load imposed by vehicular traffic on an installed pavement