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ProtectaWeb Tree Root Protection Installation Procedure


The Wrekin Tree Root Protection System is available in 4 different depths for varied traffic loadings, each site should have a specific design detailied to ensure the correct depth of product is used. However, unless the existing ground conditions contain very weak soils and have a low CBR the the following can apply:

  • Footpath System- Geogrid and Geotextile combination with Asphalt/Resin- for Pedestrains and Cycleways, no vehicular traffic.
  • 75mm- For Pedestrians Cycleways and Vehicles up to 1.5tons.
  • 100mm- For Cars, 4 wheel drives, vans etc up to 6tons.
  • 150mm- For Fire engines, removal vehicles and dust carts up to 20-30tons.
  • 200mm- For Contruction vehicles, cranes etc 40tons and all above.

No dig system

Material list

  • ProtectaWeb 3 Dimensional Cellular Confinement System
  • MultiTrack SNW 40 UV minimum separation and protection fleece
  • MultiTrack 1000 minimum separation geotextile
  • Steel 700mm staking pins
  • Stapler and Staples/heavy cable ties
  • 4/20mm or 40/20mm clean Angular Stone to BS EN 13242 and 12620
  • Finish porous surfacing materials are preferable

1. Ground preparation

  • Remove surface vegetation to treat with suitable herbicide to level-under the supervision of the project Arboriculturist.
  • Fill any hollows that may be in the exposed ground with no fines 4/20mm clean angular stone.
  • Place MultiTrack SNW 40 UV Geotextile over the area to be protected ensuring laps with a minimum of 300mm.
  • Mark out the area to be protected with edging detail, for example, timber boards.

2. Installation of ProtectaWeb Tree Root Protection

  • Roll out MultiTrack SNW 40 UV Geotextile to cover the area to be protected.
  • Insert 4 equally spaced steel pins along the the width of the panel.
  • Expand the panel over the MultiTrack SNW 40 UV and the pins, extend to the required length, then pin across the opposite panel end.
  • Pin along the length of the panel each side.
  • If full panels are not being used then ensure the cells have been expanded to their full dimension.
  • Staple or cable tie any adjacent panels together.

Note: ProtectaWeb panels can be cut to shape if required with a heavy duty Stanley Knife.

3. Filling ProtectaWeb

Using 4/20mm or 40/20mm clean angular stone to BS EN 13242 and 12620 (depending on the cell depth being used).

  • Fill the cells of the ProtectaWeb with a 4/20mm or 40/20mm clean angular stone.
  • Allow 25mm overfill for any settlement of the stone into the cells.
  • If the area is to be trafficked immeadiately, slighly increase the amount of surcharge overfill to a maximumof 50mm over the ProtectaWeb with 4/20mm or 40/20mm clean angular stone.

4. Finish surfacing details

The ProtectaWeb TRP system can be surfaced with the materials listed below:

Finish 1
Block Paving
  • Place MultiTrack 1000 separtion fabric over the filled ProtectWeb
  • Lay sand/gravel bedding material as per to manufacturers recommendations
  • Place porous/standard blocks as per manufacturers instructions
Finish 2
Porous and standard Asphalt
  • Slightly surcharge the ProtectaWeb with 25mm of 4/20mm or 40/20mm clean angular stone
  • Place hot Asphalt as per to manufacturers instructions
Finish 3
Resin Bound Gravels
  • Place MultiTrack SNW 17 separation fabric over the filled ProtectaWeb
  • Lay Asphalt carpet and resin bound gravel to the required thickness and as per the manufacturers instructions
Finish 4
Loose Gravel
  • Option 1- Slightly overfill the ProtectaWeb with the clean angular stone
  • Option 2 - Place a 25mm thick decorative stone on top of the filled ProtectaWeb
Finish 5
CellTrack Gravel Retention System
  • Place MultiTrack 1000 separation geotextile over the filled ProtectaWeb
  • 20mm bedding layer of 5mm single sized stone and lightly tamp
  • Lay CellTrack porous pavers and fill with a 6-10mm decorative stone
Finish 6
CellTrack Grass Protection System
  • Place MultiTrack 1000 separation geotextile over the filled ProtectaWeb
  • 70mm of Rootzone bedding layer (60% sand/40% soil) and lightly tamp
  • Lay CellTrack porous pavers and fill with Rootzone mix, seed accordingly (please allow 4-6 weeks for the seed to germinate before trafficking)
Finish 7
  • Place MultiTrack 1000 separation geotextile over the area for pedestrian protection
  • Roll over E'GRID on top of the Geotextile (strength based per application)
  • Cover to a depth of 50mm of TrialFlex porous flexible resin bound finish.
Finish 8
  • Place MultiTrack 1000 separation Geotextile over the filled ProtectaWeb
  • Cast the concrete slab over the Geotextile