Double seal and locked – Pressed steel covers

Pressed galvanised mild steel manhole covers with steel frames and locks

Wrekin pressed steel cover with steel frameThis range of pressed steel covers come with steel frames and are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and weight loadings. Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, this range provides a cost effective solution for the infrequently trafficked environment.

The surface pattern is designed to avoid water pooling.

The notchless die drawn corners on Wrekin pressed tops gives the following benefits:

  • No sharp exposed edges
  • No cut exposed edges improve corrosion resistance
  • Continuous surface seal – better for avoiding water ingress and odours
Wrekin pressed cover corner Competitor pressed corner
Wrekin pressed corner Competitor pressed corner

double seal access coversThe double seal is achieved by a unique captive ‘O’ ring gasket under lateral compression in a specially designed lipped channel enhanced by the continuous surface of the cover at the corners. A second seal is achieved with an additional neoprene gasket vertically compressed in a channel. This double seal provides an enhanced level of resistance to gaseous and/or liquid ingress and/or egress under normal atmospheric pressure.

Historical descriptions
Clear opening (mm) GLVW Load Duty Description SMWL Pneumatic FACTA Class
Wrekin product code
600 x 450 2.5tn Pedestrian A C221K/060045PSF
600 x 600 2.5tn Pedestrian A C221K/060060PSF
600 x 450 5tn Domestic Light 1.25tn AA C221L/060045PSF
600 x 600 5tn Domestic Light 1.25tn AA C221L/060060PSF
600 x 450 10tn Light/Medium 2.5tn AAA C221M/060045PSF
600 x 600 10tn Light/Medium 2.5tn AAA C221M/060060PSF

GLVW = Gross laden Vehicle Weight : SMWL = Slow Moving Wheel Load

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Pressed Steel Access Covers - Double Seal

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Pressed steel covers - double seal