Stow Farm Stud Menage

Princes Risborough

Stow Farm Stud Menage

  • Stow Farm Stud, Princes Risborough
    Stow Farm Stud
    Crown Estate Management
    Crown Estate Management
    FasTrack™ 609 and MultiTrack™ SNW80

    “Wrekin’s technical support and product design was critical to the implementation of the geotextiles.
    The menage is now operating very well and we are pleased with the final result.”

    Ian H. Slaughter
    Crown Estate Management

  • Wrekin Geosynthetics were approached by Stow Farm Stud to provide geosynthetic separation and filtration solutions for a high intensity Horse menage.

    The scope included the construction of a 60 x 30m manége with a 150mm deep drainage layer and a 150mm deep top dressed equisand surface.

    After reviewing the site’s specific ground information we recommended our FasTrack™ 609 woven geotextile for the separation layer of the new clean sub base and the existing sub grade. FasTrack™ 609 is designed and manufactured to conform to the Department of Transport and Highways specification for road and earth works separation.

The geotextile recommended between the sub base and the new top equisand surface was our MultiTrack™ SNW80 non woven geotextile, which provides unrivalled puncture resistance, tensile strength and permeability. The SNW range of non woven geotextiles are ideal for the upper layer of geotextile reinforcement for horse menages and other sports surfacing.