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TreeBunker™ Installation Guide

1. Excavation the TreeBunker area

Excavate tree pit to engineers drawings. Compact the bottom of excavation (sub grade) before placing fabric and sub base aggregate. Place a layer of Root-Tex 10™ geotextile over the compacted subgrade. Place the sub base aggregate over the geotextile. Compact the sub base aggregate to 95% standard proctor density or as specified.

2. Mark out the bases

Mark out the inner dimensions of the tree opening using a suitable method.

3. Lay out the bases

Place the frame around the tree pits and beyond the tree opening and space accordingly.

If TreeBunker frames are not linked horizontally, then use the pins to anchor the frames to the base. Use a minimal of 2 pins per frame. Next attach the posts to the base frame. Place top frame onto posts.

4. Install the TRC 30 reinforced geotextile

Install TRC 30, a reinforced geotextile, around the perimeter of the TreeBunker System. TRC 30 keeps the soil inside the system without preventing movement of water and air in and out of the system. Allow for a >150mm overlap at the bottom. At the end/beginning allow an overlap of >500mm. Compact the backfill material around the perimeter of the installation in 200mm maximum layers.

5. Closing the system

  1. Level out the soil. Leaving an air layer between 30mm and up to 80mm.
  2. Clean the frames.
  3. Attach the decks.
  4. Install the geotextile fabric over the TreeBunker

6. Install the tree pit kerbing

Install the tree pit kerbing using either prefabricated or poured in situ concrete slabs. Install the root guide panels inside the tree opening to assist the tree roots in locating the uncompacted soil in the TreeBunker system.

7. Install and compact the aggregate base course

Cover completed TreeBunker system with the specified back fill material, rolled and compacted in accordance with standard engineering practices.

8. Install the permanent pavement

Refer to architects specifications.