Waddesdon Manor Overflow Car Park

National Trust

Waddesdon Manor Overflow Car Park

  • Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
    National Trust
    The Rothschild Foundation
    Turfmesh™ 1400
  • Waddesdon Manor in the heart of Buckinghamshire was built in 1874 by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in the Neo-Renaissance style of a French château. In 1957 it was bequeathed by James de Rothschild to the National Trust who manage it on behalf of The Rothschild Foundation.

    It now forms a ‘Jewel in the Crown’ in the National Trust’s portfolio of properties and when it opened to the public it was a huge success, with visitor numbers soaring to a point where it now welcomes over 350,000 visitors a year.

The green and brown colour of the Turfmesh™ 1400 gave an aesthetically pleasing solution that blended into its rural surroundings. Additionally, the system has a ‘non-slip’ coating on its upper surface, making it safe for wheelchair users, and for ladies and gentlemen to walk on, even in wet conditions.

During the growing season the system is easily maintained by simply routinely cutting the grass to an appropriate length. Wrekin Turfmesh™ is available in a variety of grades to suit differing traffic loadings.

To cope with the spike in visitor numbers created by these events, a field adjacent to the main car park was purchased to add a further 300 car parking spaces. However, in order to keep costs and the visual impact of the over flow car park to a minimum, the National Trust wanted to source a ‘no-dig’ solution that could be installed on top of the existing grass. Through discussions with the Estate Manager, Wrekin Products proposed their Turfmesh 1400™ system. The system was ideal for the brief, as it is simply unrolled and pinned down onto the existing grass and enables the grass to be trafficked without damage to the grass or causing vehicles to become stuck in a rut.

While the 1,000 spaces in the recently constructed main car park were adequate for the majority of occasions, an over flow car park was required for the special events held by the National Trust. Such events would include the popular Christmas and Easter fairs. Once installed, having been laid onto existing grass, the Turfmesh 1400™ could be trafficked immediately. The speed and ease of installation suited the National Trust’s requirements, as they were working to a tight timescale to have the car park operational by the end of November, when their Christmas fairs commenced.