Weedstoppa Weed Suppression Fabric

Non Woven Geotextile FabricsWeedstoppa works by establishing a breathable membrane barrier through which weeds are inhibited from penetrating. Weedstoppa allows air and liquids through, creating a healthy fertile soil available only to your chosen plants. Weedstoppa is hydrophillically treated to allow liquids to pass through immediately.

The addition of a mulch cover layer is necessary to ensure the success of Weedstoppa. It serves 3 functions:

1. Shuts out the remaining light to stop growth under the Weedstoppa.
2. Acts to protect Weedstoppa from U.V Light ensuring Weedstoppa has a long life.
3. Decorates the area in keeping with your garden.

Used correctly, Weedstoppa will control weeds successfully without any need for chemicals.

Wrekin Weedstoppa

Weeds are inhibited from penetrating
For Distributers of Weedstoppa
The Weedstoppa retail point of sale display package is replaced every time a new order of product is placed. This ensures a fresh looking display at all times. Each package contains 20 rolls, each roll measuring 1m x 15m. Other roll sizes are available on request.
  • Applications

    Typical applications:

    • A weed free garden path or aggregate area
    • Planting a flower/shrub bed
    • Suppressing weed growth under
    • Timber decking
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