Willen Hospice Car Park Extension

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Willen Hospice Car Park Extension

  • Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
    Willen Hospice
    FJ Morris Contracting Ltd
    FJ Morris Contracting Ltd

    “The CellTrackTM system is very easy to clip together and install” and “is better than other similar systems I’ve installed”.

    FJ Morris Contracting Ltd.

  • The existing car park at Willen Hospice, near Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire provided insufficient car parking spaces for family and friends to visit their loved ones receiving care at the hospice.

    Wrekin were approached to offer a solution to extend the car park and its access/egress roads by 20 car parking spaces. The solution needed to be cost effective, maintenance free, suitable for cars/light duty vans and also sympathetic to the hospices peaceful, semi-rural lakeside location.

    The CellTrack™ system was chosen as it met all of the requirements of the project brief.

Wrekin CellTrack™ is a recycled gravel paving system that is virtually invisible from the surface once fitted. It is designed for quick and easy installation with the panels simply interlocking together and can be installed to provide either a gravel or grass surface. Small ground spikes on the base of each panel provide anchorage during installation.

The system is very easy to install, requiring semi-skilled labour and only a minimum of plant. This meant that any noise and disruption to the staff, patients and visitors during installation was minimal.

Once the area had been dug out to the foundation level, a compacted granular foundation was laid on a separation/ filtration geotextile. A further layer of geotextile was then laid before compacting a bedding layer of sharp sand on which the CellTrack™ panels were installed. The panels are easily cut to lay curves, and the fact that they simply clip together with only small ground spikes on the under side made it easy for the contractor to fine tune his levels.

Once laid, demarcation caps were inserted to mark out the car parking bays and the apertures of the product were filled with a 6-10mm gravel.