Woven Geotextiles

Woven geotextiles
FASTRACK is a market leading brand of woven geotextile fabrics, manufactured using a range of different polymers, strengths and weave patterns. Wrekin offer 3 specific types of woven geotextile fabric: Standard Grade (SG), High Strength (HS) & High Flow (HF).

Fastrack woven geotextile fabrics are specified by both civil & marine engineers most commonly for soil separation and the reinforcement of aggregate layers. Applications for ground stabilisation include roads, railways, foundations, embankments & coastal defences.

Woven geotextiles provide a cost effective solution for the separation of granular fill materials and for the provision of sub structure support. The most common application is use as a separating layer beneath roads, helping to prevent rutting through separation and providing tensile support.


Woven geotextiles provide maximum strength for minimum cost
Tensile Strength versus mass per unit weight
A graph comparing the tensile strength versus mass per unit weight of woven and non-woven Geotextile.

Woven geotextiles typically offer greater mechanical strength per unit weight than comparable non-woven grades, providing a cost effective solution for a vast range of applications.

Wrekin Fastrack Standard Wrekin Fastrack High Strength Wrekin Fastrack High Flow