My Wrekin

Environmental Policy Statement

Wrekin Products Ltd. recognises its responsibilities to the environment and is committed to working towards minimising the environmental impacts of its organisational activities.

We will introduce and maintain a documented environmental management system using ISO 14001:2015 as a framework within which to evaluate and improve environmental performance.

We will comply with relevant environmental legislation and will endeavour to stay ahead of proposed legislation by implementing the best practices of the industry whenever this is practical.

We work towards improvement in our environmental performance by the conservation of energy and natural resources preventing pollution and the reduction where possible and elimination of emissions and nuisances and waste.

Our strategies wherever practicable, first, prevent waste, reuse, or recycle and only as a last resort, dispose of waste which will be safely managed.

We will work with our customers and suppliers in the development of returnable reusable, recyclable packaging.

Continual improvement will demonstrate by the setting of quantifiable objectives and targets on an annual basis.

In all of these areas, management will take the lead in providing the commitment and focus to empower local teams to make the maximum contribution to improving environmental performance.

This includes the provision of the relevant information, training and resources necessary to enable all employees who work whose work has a potential environmental impact to make maximum contributions to achieving business objectives and targets