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Authentic innovation is hard to imitate

In the competitive realm of civil engineering, the term "innovation" is often tossed around, yet seldom embodied with genuine conviction. At Wrekin Products, however, innovation is the very essence of our existence – it's the force that propels us forward and sets us apart in an industry where excellence is not just expected but demanded.

From the humble beginnings of a small steel fabrication shop, with the iconic Wrekin hill standing as its backdrop, we have evolved into a bastion of ingenuity. Our history is punctuated by a relentless pursuit of innovation, culminating in a portfolio that boasts over 100 unique patents – a clear testament to our inventive spirit.

The Imitation Game: A Compliment to Our Ingenuity

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, and in our case, it's a frequent occurrence. Yet, while others may mimic, the depth and breadth of Wrekin's innovative thinking remain unmatched. Our products are not just designed; they are crafted with a vision of maximum durability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Leading by Design, Not by Chance

Our innovative ethos has yielded products that not only stand the test of time but also enhance productivity and offer cost savings. These advantages are crucial in today's economic and environmental landscape, where value and sustainability walk hand-in-hand. As industry leaders, we don't follow trends – we forge them.

Beyond Products: A Partnership for Progress

Choosing Wrekin Products is more than a business transaction; it's an alignment with a philosophy that champions progress and quality. Our commitment to innovation means that when you partner with us, you are equipped with solutions that embody the pinnacle of industry standards.

Embrace the Future with Wrekin

As we continue to push boundaries and define excellence, we invite you to explore the full spectrum of our market leading innovations.

Join us in our mission to make every day better, not just for our clients but for the industry at large. With Wrekin Products, you're not just building structures; you're building a legacy of innovation. While we acknowledge the flattery of imitation, we also recognise that true innovation is irreplicable. At Wrekin Products, we don't just create products; we create benchmarks for the industry. Our legacy is built on innovation, and we proudly carry that torch forward, illuminating the path for our partners and the civil engineering community.


This is just a sample of some of the key innovations Wrekin have brought to market throughout its history.

  • The covers feature a universal beam (also known as an I beam) providing significant improvements to rigidity, reducing seat wear for an enhanced service life.

    Universal beam icon
  • Both covers of the double triangular grating feature I beams that interlock to provide high rigidity while still allowing the grating to hinge as one unit.

    Beam in beam design
  • The high seating position ensures that forces are transmitted more directly downwards, meaning conversion of traffic loads into mortar-compatible compression forces.

    Cover support geometry
  • Unlike sharp, square-edged frames, rounded edges reduce stress concentrations and minimise crack formation.

    Rounded frame flange
  • Frame gussets are supports which reinforce the corners where the frame sections meet, distributing stress evenly, preventing damage to the frame or the access cover.

    Gussets icon
  • Unite is available with a 10 year warranty (subject to terms).

    Unite 10 year warranty
  • These covers are compatible with our Clicklift the rapid frame raising system and Armadillo, the hard hat for your ironwork which protect ironworks during the construction phase.

    Clicklift and Armadillo compatible icon
  • Concealed hinges prevent debris entering the hinge and limiting its movement.

    Anti-debris hinge
  • Safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement of the lifting key during the handling process.

    Safety keyway
  • Hinged in three directions to allow the product to fit in any required orientation.

    Hinged in 3 directions
  • Hinges are concealed within the bounds of the frame. This means during installation the hinges aren't exposed during compaction of the surround and are unlikely to be blocked by debris.

    Inboard hinge icon
  • Keyway lifting points are provided on the frame for safe handling.

    Keyway lifting point in the frame
  • A retrofittable ID badge can be fitted, also compatible with antennas and communication options (RFID, NFC, IoT)

    Retrofittable badge
  • GritBlocker™ anti-blockage keyway insert comes pre-installed.

    Anti-blockage keyway
Road breaking up around gully grate installation creating a pothole

Potholes: More than a surface issue


Helping to find solutions to the UK's pothole problem

Potholes across the UK’s road and highway network are a real problem. But did you know ironwork specification and selection can affect and even increase the likelihood of a pothole forming?

Our new report explores;

  • Some of the ways in which potholes are caused; including identified links to ironwork
  • What features of ironwork can increase the likelihood of pothole formation 
  • Suggests solutions you should be looking for when specifying ironwork
  • and much more.

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