• Access covers

    Access covers can be safety critical. In certain circumstances failure or misuse could lead to injury or loss of life. With this in mind, Wrekin have developed products that incorporate features that help eliminate these failure mechanisms, thus minimising safety issues and optimising installed life cost…

  • Gully grates

    A comprehensive range of gully grates that span from the innovative Multigrate designed for fast and cost-effective replacement of stolen grates to fully featured grates that prevent theft in the first place. Double and single hinged designs of various loadings are available as well as a range suitable for cycle paths and shopping centres.

  • Geosynthetics

    Wrekin are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of Geosynthetics for civil engineering. Our range of geosynthetic solutions for ground stabilisation, reinforcement, erosion control, drainage, environmental protection, grass protection and weed suppression is ever-expanding – our stock availability is excellent too..

  • Product focus

    Wrekin’s range of BT approved block pavior covers and frames particularly suited to town centre developments, where replacement of existing service covers is required to facilitate infill of blocks or stone to match the surrounding area.

    Individual lid sizes are reduced and incorporate a central lifting point and tapered cover side to provide a slide out feature for access by a single operative..

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  • Image: newly installed manhole cover.

    Make effective bedding arrangements

    Care in getting the bedding mortar right for manhole covers and gully grates is vital to long-lasting ironwork installations, as Wrekin Products Technical Manager Barry Turner explains.

  • Image: close-up shot of manhole cover showing kitemark.

    Standard behaviour

    In view of the fact that manhole covers are safety-critical items it is important specifiers and buyers ensure they meet appropriate standards. Wrekin Products explains how to do this.

  • Image: Work underway on a housing development in Ascot with mature pines.

    Cell systems and tree root protection

    Roy Partington, Director of Geosynthetics, for Wrekin Products discusses the products available which can be used to promote the growth of large trees – the value of which is immense – within development sites.