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Potholes - More Than a Surface Issue white paper

Helping Local Authorities find solutions to the UK's pothole problem
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Potholes - More than a surface issue

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It doesn't have to be this way

Every 22seconds a pothole is filled.

at a total cost of £93.7 million.

1.4million potholes repaired in 22/23

totalling 41,337 tonnes of CO2 emissions produced due to potholes in 22/23.

30kg of CO2 emitted to repair a pothole

each time an access cover is cut out to repair or replace.

30% reduction in structural life

Insights from local authorities ◤ Industry analysis ◤ Efficient solutions

Potholes across the UK’s road and highway network are a real problem. In fact, road incidents caused by pothole related damage in June 2023 were at their worst for five years, according to the AA Pothole Tracker.

But did you know ironwork specification and selection can affect and even increase the likelihood of a pothole forming?

Potholes will continue to be an even greater concern in the coming colder months due to the harsher weather conditions putting additional stress on asphalt surfaces. In anticipation, the UK’s Potholes Fund has increased by £200m to £700m for the current financial year.

Our new report explores;

  • Some of the ways in which potholes are caused
  • Identifies links to ironwork (both gully grates and manhole covers)
  • What features of ironwork can increase the likelihood of pothole formation 
  • The changing road landscape with increased bus lanes and cycle routes
  • How local authorities and industry bodies are tackling the issue, and
  • Suggests solutions you should be looking for when specifying ironwork.
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