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Terms of Specification

Any communications or any associated documents to introduce the concept and potential feasibility of using the products and systems of Wrekin Product Limited and it's group companies and affiliates ("Wrekin") for a particular application, any suggestions, statement, representation, information or assurance provided by Wrekin in the subject matter, whether written or oral (the “Information”), is provided free of charge and without contract, duty or warranty. The Information is based on assumptions made from limited known facts and is therefore intended for general purposes only. There are many factors which could materially affect the reliability of the Information including, but not limited to, site conditions, environmental and ground conditions, construction methods and materials and solutions used on site. Therefore, you should not rely solely on the Information.​

Wrekin would advise that you seek appropriate advice from a qualified and experienced engineer in relation to the Information as Wrekin has not been engaged in such capacity and therefore cannot provide any guarantees that any suggestion, descriptions, specifications, data, drawings, designs and other Information are fit for any particular purpose. With the limited information made available to us, we do not hold out that our products and systems are suitable for any particular purpose you may wish to use them for and you are responsible for making such decisions.

Consequently, Wrekin hereby excludes liability under warranty or otherwise for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, caused by reliance upon any suggestion, which extends to any oral advice or discussions relating to the contents of the information contained within this document, information or data contained in this document unless the exclusion of such losses is prohibited by law. Further information is provided at clauses 3.8 and 3.9 of our terms and conditions of sale, which shall apply to any such specification, drawing, design or other technical material.

The terms and conditions of sale also set out the limitations and exclusions on Wrekin’s liability, and the Purchaser should review these carefully.

On request, Wrekin can suggest third parties who can provide formal engineering calculations and a design in conjunction with our products and systems, pursuant to the third party’s proprietary written terms and conditions.