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Our commitment to sustainability

Fully committed to a sustainable future

A crucial time

There has never been a more crucial time to be aware of our impact on the environment, and we take our responsibility extremely seriously.

We are committed to working towards minimising the environmental impact of all our activities, from developing products that increase whole of life performance to increasing recycling and reducing waste wherever we can.

Here are just some of the ways we are leading the field in helping to ensure a more sustainable future:

  • We consistently work on improving our environmental performance through the conservation of energy and natural resources and to prevent pollution.
  • We will oversee the reduction and, where possible, the elimination of emissions, nuisances and waste.
  • Our strategy is to prevent creating waste wherever we can and to reuse or recycle - then only as a last resort to dispose of materials in a safely managed way.
  • We will partner with our customers and suppliers in the development of returnable, reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • We minimise packaging and where possible use recyclable packaging for our products. In fact the vast majority of our products aren't even shipped in packaging - the manhole covers, gully grates and most of our geosynthetic products are moved on pallets or as rolls.
  • We arrange all our meetings responsibly to minimise the need for travel.
Our pledge to a sustainable future

Our pledge to a sustainable future

We pledge to constantly monitor our continued improvement in this area through the setting of quantifiable objectives and targets on an annual basis. We will introduce and maintain a documented environmental management system using BS EN ISO 14001:2004 as the framework to evaluate and improve our environmental performance.

We will comply with relevant environmental legislation and endeavour to stay ahead of proposed legislation by implementing the best practices of the industry wherever this is practical.

In all of these areas, management will take the lead in providing the commitment and focus to empower local teams to make the maximum contribution to improving environmental performance.

This includes the provision of the relevant information, training and resources necessary to enable all employees whose work has a potential environmental impact to make a maximum contribution to achieving our business objectives and targets.

Sustainability through Wrekin innovation

Unite - A sustainable success story

One of our most successful partnerships is with Thames Water, which was experiencing problems with the lifespan of its manhole covers on some of London’s busiest and most demanding routes. With approximately 1.2 million manhole covers across 67,000km of sewers, the company needed a solution that was easy to install and proven to last. We have now supplied more than 100,000 units to the company without one recorded failure for more than 10 years.


By helping to reduce the number of road closures needed for urgent repairs, along with the accompanying workers and equipment, this is a product with an impressive sustainability reputation.


With the correctly specified Wrekin products, waste can be completely eliminated. Our groundworker package - UniPak, ClickLift and Armadillo - combine to offer huge improvements by minimising waste and introducing modern working practices.

Our industry-leading ductile products are designed to use as little material as possible without impacting on their strength. The benefits of this can mean a reduction in CO2 emissions when shipping - and allows for more of the products to be shipped together.

We use clever engineering to create strength in our manhole covers, such as anti-flex beams which were first introduced to the Highway range and are now in all of our products and the use of gussets, which add strength to the frame - for example, our Unite product has 16 and TriStar has four.

We are incredibly proud of our Unite range - the very definition of sustainability. It was a decade in the making and has been in service on the UK’s highways for 17 years with 500,000 installations - and it has never had a failure reported.

Our specialist Unite manhole covers and ironwork installation system – which, when used together, come with a 10-year guarantee - is engineered by Wrekin for a long life and assured performance, providing whole life cost savings due to its robustness, which removes the need to replace broken ironwork.

Unite has patented features that minimise the bedding pressure, which allows clients to simply ‘fit and forget’ – saving them a lot of time and money over the years by not having to dig up roads for repairs and replacements due to failing ironwork.

We take our responsibilities seriously

As a company, we work to continuously improve our health, safety and environmental performance, and to communicate with our stakeholders about our collective performance. We operate safely, profitably, with due care for future generations and work towards sustainable development. Wrekin works to support:

  • Securing a competitive and economically sustainable industry
  • Adopting innovative, environmentally responsible solutions that help satisfy society's needs
  • Optimising the use of resources to deliver a low carbon future
  • Demonstrating leadership in all areas of safety
  • Delivering good practice in ethical behaviour
  • Adopting the highest standards of corporate governance and accountability
  • Respecting the culture and rights of individuals
  • Ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to prevent harm to human health and the environment

So many of our products have impressive sustainability credentials

ClickLift with Highway manhole cover

Our innovative manhole covers need only to be installed once - and raised with ClickLift - so there is no need for a client to do the same job twice

Armadillo manhole top protector shell

The modern Armadillo ensures manhole covers and gully grates can be installed once and protected throughout a new development, thereby minimising waste

Armadillo gull protector grille

Our Armadillo gully grate with filter ensures silt and hydrocarbons such as petrol and diesel don't enter the water course. We also prevent this from happening at source rather than allowing it to enter the system and be filtered out later on. There is no need for contractors to use straw bales to block up drains, for example

Unipak Mortar

The modern UniPak flowable mortar cures rapidly, within an hour, meaning roads do not need to be closed for days - reducing the impact of queuing traffic. A manhole cover can be replaced in a few hours and the road reopened


Many of our products are manufactured from fully recyclable ductile iron and steel

Haul Road

Our geosynthetic solutions allow building work to go ahead on land which would otherwise not be suitable for construction and for the creation of haul roads. Site offices can be built on location, minimising travel and the associated environmental issues, especially in remote locations such as wind farms

Stone on Geogrid and Geotextile

Our range of geo products can be used with reclaimed and recycled aggregates


We can minimise the cross sectional area of a build up, meaning less material is required for the equivalent strength, creating efficiencies and reducing the number of lorry journeys needed