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Our total geosynthetic package has been continuously developed and expanded since 1995, providing all our customers with technical support, specification and design services, helping you find the solution to all your geosynthetic requirements.

Geosynthetic products play an integral role in the majority of building, civil and marine engineering projects. While the range of applications and uses is vast, the functions can be broken down into six broad categories: Separation, Protection, Filtration, Erosion control, Reinforcement and Drainage


Solutions for ground stabilisation, filtration and more

Geosynthetic solutions

Geotextiles being installed on building site


We have both Woven and Non-Woven geotextiles available providing multiple different functions from separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection and drainage. We offer a variety of sizes to match your site requirements.
Geogrid being installed


We offer a range of biaxial and uniaxial geogrids. Designed for optimum performance they are commonly used in the reinforcement of slopes and banks as being used to solve pavement problems by providing omni-axial reinforcement to granular sub-bases.
Geomembranes and SUD's

Impermeable geomembranes and SUDs

Our range of high quality impermeable geomembranes are manufactured to current European standards by an industry leading Geomembrane manufacturer. We offer a variety of roll sizes for each of the different materials to match individual site requirements.
Slope stabilisation using ProtectaWeb

Erosion control

We have a selection of geosynthetic products available if you are looking to stabilise slopes in your development project. Structures with an inclination less than 70 degrees are classed as a slope.
Grass and gravel protection installed in a carpark

Grass and gravel pavers

Our systems are designed to be used with a variety of infill materials, allowing developers to build new access areas such as roads and car parks which are pleasing to the eye and consistent with the existing environment.
TreeBunker installation

Tree root protection and development

Our range of geosynthetic products used to support and sustain tree growth. We also offer no-dig methods of constructing access ways and parking areas in close proximity to nearby trees without causing them undue stress.

Geosynthetics in action

Related case study

Stow Farm stud manege

Wrekin Geosynthetics were approached by Stow Farm Stud to provide geosynthetic separation and filtration solutions for a high intensity Horse manege. The scope included the construction of a 60 x 30m manége with a 150mm deep drainage layer and a 150mm deep top dressed equisand surface.

Crown Estate Management
Crown Estate Management
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Related case study

Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium

When Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium needed to increase the space visitors had to park their cars, its options were limited. The only potential area it identified was within a copse of established oak and maple trees. The use of ProtectaWeb™ for this project enabled it to go ahead with minimal tree felling and maximum land use.

Colchester Borough Council
Colchester Borough Council
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