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Continuing Professional Development

Free, bite-sized training courses, designed to provide valuable insight.

Our CPDs will give you real, valuable insight into what can be achieved with Wrekin solutions. Whether that’s reduced construction times, reduced labour, reduced overall project cost or reduced environmental and carbon impact.

Delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams or as part of a lunch and learn sessions, whether that be at your offices or ours, our CPD's typically last for 1 hour in total. This includes a 45-minute presentation and 15 minutes for questions and answers. They can be delivered at a date and time to suit you and your colleagues.

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Continuing Professional Development

Overcoming common causes of access cover failure

This CPD will help attendees to understand the common causes of access cover failure and how to overcome them. In addition, you will see how to achieve whole-life cost savings, and how durable ironwork with quality and modern installations can contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions.

  • There's more to ironwork specification than "a cover and frame"
  • Where the standards have led us
  • Common causes of foundation issues in access cover installations
  • Potholes
  • Achieving carbon reductions and reduced waste with your access covers
Geogrids being installed at Norwich North Recycling Centre
Continuing Professional Development

Ground engineering solutions

This CPD will help you to understand the background of our range of products on offer, where they’re used, what makes them different, and what to look out for when specifying.

  • Learn about the different geogrid forms and what makes them different.
  • Understand the different manufacturing processes and their impacts
  • Understand how geogrids work to provide reinforcement properties
  • Learn how geogrids can add value to a project through value engineering
Landscaping solutions CPD
Continuing professional development

Landscaping solutions

Dive into advanced landscaping solutions with our comprehensive CPD course. Explore methods to preserve and enhance green spaces, focusing on tree root protection, turf reinforcement, permeable paving, and effective weed control.

  • Learn how to safeguard tree roots against potential damage and ensure their health and growth.
  • Discover methods to reinforce turf areas that experience high foot traffic or vehicle use.
  • Installation techniques and benefits of CellTrack, our permeable paving solution.
  • Lean more about eco-friendly approaches to weed control, minimising maintenance and promoting a weed-free landscape.
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