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Installation guide for Armadillo manhole cover shell


Armadillo manhole cover shells are designed for temporary clamp-fitment over manhole covers in situations exposed to construction plant traffic.

It is a reusable or if necessary sacrificial accessory for Wrekin Tristar or Highway D400 manhole covers, installed either at the construction level or finished road level, before opening the road to normal service traffic.

Armadillo manhole cover shells also inhibit coarse debris from entering the gully, protecting the chamber and drainage system.

Step 1

Ensure the installed manhole cover’s surface and frame top edge are free of debris which might otherwise prevent intimate contact with the Armadillo. Also, ensure that the cover lifting keyways are clear of debris. 

Step 2

Select the correct size Armadillo shell accessory and its pair of fasteners for the manhole cover requiring protection (i.e. to suit TriStar or Highway 600x600mm or 675x675mm manhole cover).

Step 3

Correctly align the different shaped corners of the Armadillo with those of the manhole cover and gently place the Armadillo so its 4 protruding ‘tabs’ locate in the manhole cover’s prising slots.

Step 4

Ensure the inverted ‘T’ nuts of the supplied fasteners are at the bottom of their respective bolt threads.

Step 5

Insert one fastener through each of the two apertures on the Armadillo so that the inverted ‘T’ nuts locate in the underlaying manhole cover keyways.

Step 6

Using a 14mm Allen key, tighten both fasteners to ensure that the Armadillo’s metal corners are in intimate contact with the manhole cover frame. Note: re-tighten the fasteners after a 24-hour period to cater for seal relaxation.

Step 7

Leave the Armadillo shell in place until construction plant is no longer on site.

Step 8

Removed Armadillo shells may be reused on the next phase of works, stored for future re-use or, if excessively damaged, sent for recycling (as a 100% recyclable ferrous material).

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