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H2GO gully chute connector with 480x320 gully grating product guide


Our 480x320mm Clear Opening D400 Gully Gratings are specifically designed to be fitted onto a standard Wrekin Gully Chute Connector unit in a Group 3 location, flush with the surrounding road or pavement surface.

By utilising this combination, the Gully Grating assembly benefits from robust and coherent support of its frame flange, thereby maximising the installation life expectancy.

Water evacuation through this apparatus from the surrounding road or pavement surface can be provided by attachment of the Gully Chute Connector’s 150/160mm O/D. pipe spigot*, to a suitable drainage system. All that is required to connect the two units together is an intermediate layer of Unipak bedding mortar, which can also act as Gully Grating level adjustment material.

*The spigot can accommodate either of the two pipe sizes and can be site-cut to length for drainage system adjustment purposes.


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Base opening
Overall frame
Frame depth
Waterway area
Options My Wrekin
DGHT0D4/5035/KH Highway 480 x 320 500 x 350 675 x 445 100 950

Stock code Description My Wrekin
DGCC/6545/G H2GO gully chute connector 655mm x 450mm x 185mm with 150mm and 160mm spigot sizes