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ClickLift™ do's and don'ts

Phase 1 - Frame installation


  • Ensure the manhole cover frame is installed and set to the correct final camber angle for the final installation phase (the frame is a permanent installation and will not be reset later).
  • Use Wrekin covers only, the ClickLift system can only be fitted to selected Wrekin Highway® and TriStar™ manhole cover products.
  • Ensure chamber/slab top is sound, dry, and free of dust & debris.
  • Before bedding the manhole cover down please ensure you have read the UniPak™ installation guide.
  • Ensure the correct PPE and suitable gloves are worn when mixing UniPak.
  • Ensure you allow sufficient time for the install so that the mortar can cure fully.

Do not

  • Lay mortar onto a wet surface if you are using a polyester resin mortar.
  • Use mechanical / vibrational equipment across ironwork.

Phase 2 - Installing ClickLift


  • Check the condition of the existing frame and bedding mortar.
  • Ensure the correct depth extension is selected and corners are aligned before clicking the product into place as ClickLift cannot be removed once installed without damage.
  • Ensure the correct PPE is worn.
  • Ensure the manhole cover seating area is clear and free of debris.
  • Ensure ClickLift tabs are correctly engaged and hooked under the provision on the frame
  • Ensure the ClickLift boss is fully in contact with the manhole cover seating areas.
  • Ensure that ClickLift is installed evenly, do not force one side down before the other


  • Install ClickLift on a broken, cracked or damaged manhole cover frame or where there is evidence of bedding mortar failure.
  • Alter or use ClickLift™ with any other manufacturers products.
  • Alter seating arrangement by shortening the seat load-transfer boss.
  • Alter or remove ClickLift™ tabs from ClickLift.
  • Install ClickLift™ until you are ready to lay the final surface layer.