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Guide to installation - Gully Chute Connector & 500 x 350mm Gully Grating Assembly

Wrekin’s 500x350mm Clear Opening BS EN124 D400 Gully Gratings are specifically designed to be fitted onto a standard Wrekin Gully Chute Connector unit in a Group 3 location, flush with the surrounding road or pavement surface.

By utilising this combination, the Gully Grating assembly benefits from robust and coherent support of its frame flange, thereby maximising the installation life expectancy.

Water evacuation through this apparatus from the surrounding road or pavement surface can be provided by attachment of the Gully Chute Connector’s 150/160mm O/D. pipe spigot*, to a suitable drainage system.

All that is required to connect the two units together is an intermediate layer of UniPak bedding mortar, which can also act as Gully Grating level adjustment material.

*The spigot can accommodate either of the two pipe sizes and can be site-cut to length for drainage system adjustment purposes.

D400 Gully chute connector with highway gully grating
Gully chute connector assembles with grate

A. The Gully Chute Connector replaces a traditional gully pot, allowing the Gully Grating to be placed in its usual position.

Gully chute connector assembled with grate

B. The Gully Grating fitment is fully supported around the whole of its frame flange.

Gully chute connector assembled with grate

C. Ideal placement of the Gully Grating is afforded by the Gully Chute’s long pipe spigot(s) and absence of lateral restraints.

Gully chute connector




D. The Gully Chute Connector itself should be fully supported underneath with mass concrete of the same grade used to bed the adjoining kerb.

Gully chute connector assembled with grate

E. The Gully Grating is intended to be located on our Gully Chute Connector with a layer of UniPak bedding mortar between them.

Gully chute connector assembled with grate

F. Final in-situ Gully Grating and Gully Chute Connector assembly (road construction and bedding enveloping of flange hidden for clarity).

Gully chute connector spigot

G. Once the foundations have cured, a drainage pipe socket of 150/160mm I/D may be attached to the spigot of the Gully Chute Connector.