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Ventilation conformity notice

Chamber Top assembly ventilation requirements vary according to the application. Therefore, it is unusual to always need the minimum ventilation requirements of BS EN 124 (minimum 5%/140cm2 of the frame Clear Opening).

In applications where BS EN 124 ventilation requirements are not required and an alternative ventilation area is stated, Wrekin will utilise the natural ventilation of the products and add 20-25mm dia. apertures as necessary to achieve the desired ventilation area.

Note: Where this non-BS EN 124 ventilation is offered for a particular product, Wrekin will have conducted load test verification for continued compliance to its respective BS EN 124 load category and expected service use.

Where a large ventilation area is required (e.g. in excess of the BS EN 124 requirement), Wrekin recommends consideration of an unmodified gully grating product rather than structurally compromise a Chamber Top assembly with excessive ventilation apertures.

Note: Third party certification marks may not be applicable to modified products. A typical non-BS EN 124 ventilation arrangement is illustrated in the following Plan View image

Ventilation holes